Monkman Guitars

Fine instruments hand-crafted in York Maine.
My guitars & Ukes are built by me in a small shop with hand tools. There is very little if any plastic on my instruments. Wood bindings are standard. No toxic chemicals are used in the finish.

Acoustic Guitars & Ukuleles

It's all about the wood.
The feel, the tone, the smell and overall vibe of an acoustic instrument is what I live for.
I choose only the finest tonewoods for my instruments. My goto woods are Mahogany, Macacauba, Brazilian Rosewood, Red spruce and Lutz spruce. I have many sets of these and other tonewoods available.

My guitars & ukuleles do not resemble factory made instruments.
No stale tone-robbing glossy finish. I use more old-time finishing methods like shellac and varnish which enhance the natural beauty of the wood and are generally thinner than gloss lacquer. They also produce a more woody, broken-in feel.

I generally make my guitars with full thickness mahogany necks. Carbon fiber reinforcing rods are an option along with an adjustable truss rod.

I prefer to use animal glues which I believe affect the tone. Hot hide glue is used on all top bracing. Fish glue and Titebond is also used.
Wood bindings are installed on all my instruments.
Custom inlays are available.

Custom 00-14

torrefied adirondack guitar

Torrefied Adirondack

Chechen OM

Black Locust

Macacauba 00

About Me

Me the player:

My Mom bought me my first acoustic guitar when I was five years old.
A few years later I graduated from the Berklee College of Music.
Played guitar in Nashville for a spell and then moved to Maine to work the wood.

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Me the builder:

My building style mimics my musical style and taste.
It's not what you play but how you play it.
Acoustic music is more organic, more personal. The instrument or tool that is used should be an extension of the person using it.
The true purpose of playing is to convey an emotion. Good or bad, happy or sad. The wrong instrument can get in the way of this goal. The instrument should feel right, sound right, intonate well and make the user feel as comfortable as possible. This allows the player to get totally engrossed or lost in the emotion of the music.

My goal is to build these types of instruments. I want each one to be "the one" for my clients. I'm drawing from my 4 decades of guitar playing to build what I think are wooden gems. Each one is different. Perfectly imperfect. Tonally inspiring. Built to last for a lifetime and then some.


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